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A to Z Pest Control Services Services

To provide the proper services to valuable clients is most important task in this competative world. Apart from hard core services we follow the following steps before providing the pest control services.

Pre Pest Control Inspection
Appropriate Solution Implementation

We provide services for the control of "below 'Domestic Pest Control"

Cockroaches Rats
Ants Maggots
Lizards Rodents
Bed Bugs Silver Fish
Spiders  Other Minor Insects
Carpet Beetles    



Cockroaches are known to have been present on Earth for over 300 million years; there are approximately 3500 species of cockroaches worldwide. They are regarded as pests because of same outstanding biological characteristics, which make them so successful, also make them one of the most difficult pests to manage. Cockroaches, especially the German cockroach, are the most commonly encountered and important household insect pests
They are carriers of serious disease problems like salmonella, gastroenteritis, dysentery, and other stomach ailments. It adulterates the food materials and spread pathogenic organisms with their faeces and defensive secretions. And also, their discarded skin spreads in the air within the premises causing asthmatic reactions, particularly to children and elderly people with bronchial ailments. If you don’t counteract, cockroach infestation can quickly expand in just few number of days or weeks becoming hazardous to human health and hygiene.

Chemical Solution applied to whole premise i.e. Kitchen, Bedrooms, Balcony, and Washroom etc. It has gas effect & need to close the premise after treatment done. It gives quick effect because the chemical use in that are contact poison & kill cockroaches in a very short time.


Ants generally become a problem in houses and other buildings when their nests have become disturbed after rain, or conversely, during dry weather. Houses are invaded by several kinds of Ants, both the small and large red ants, and small and large black ants, the large black ants are trouble source in houses, they are social insects, and live in colonies, they have a well defined caste system with different duties. It consists of the female (queen) laying eggs, then the workers, soldiers, larvae and pupae. The ants usually seen in pest situations are the workers, the reproductive are much less often seen. Workers ants spend most of their time constructing, enlarging or repairing the nest and in gathering food. They are known to carry aphids to plants, or injure the plants directly, either by feeding on them only keeping the area around their nest base. Indoor ants may nests in cracks in the wall, beneath cracked basement floors, behind baseboards and in decayed or rotting house timbers.


They are parasitic insects infecting mankind for more than 3500 years. There are at least 92 known species all around the world. The most common species is lectularius Cimex, which is better adapted to human environment. Bed bugs inject their victims with their saliva, which contains a numbing agent, like Novocain. They drink until they become engorged with a person's blood - crawling away satisfied - until the next night. The bed bugs are an insect of nocturnal habits. Feeding on blood by night and hiding away in various parts of the room by day.

Carpet Beetles

This is small, blackish, hard-shelled beetle, sometimes flecked with white or reddish scales. There are two different species of Carpet Beetle, which are fabric pests, the Variegated Carpet Beetle and the Black Carpet Beetle. It is only the larva of these species that feeds on fabrics such as woolen carpets (they do not attack synthetic carpets), fur, silk and feathers etc.

The adults feed on pollen from flowers. Bringing fresh flowers into a building that contains the adult beetles is often the origin of the infestation. boards. The entire carpet area must be fan sprayed with a residual insecticide.
These larvae live a large part of the time in secluded places about the rooms, out of reach of house-cleaning operations, so that they are particularly insidious and are responsible for very many holes, raveling and defects in clothing and other fabrics, which are not even suspected of being insect injury. Carpet beetle eat Woolen goods of all kinds; sometime cotton goods; leather, bristles, feathers, hair silk; dried meat, milk or insect specimens; stuffed animal, fur; grain, flout and many other animal and plant products.


Maggots are a larva of winged insects, especially houseflies and blowflies. They are hatched from eggs which are usually laid on rotting meat or faeces. They have a putrid odor and disgust most people. Maggot infestation may often become noticeable after baiting for rodents, or unwrapped meat lying in garbage bins.


Rodent creates a huge problem to mankind due to its sheer numbers. It multiplies fast and eat a good part of human food and destroy valuable equipment by cutting wires etc in storage places, homes, factories hospital, commercial buildings.
Rats can reproduce all year long and a couple, under favorable conditions, can produce 700 descendants during their lifetime. A female rat can give birth to 15 young a time, up to 5 times a year.Rats can cause extensive damage to food products and buildings as well, by munching, eating and infecting. They can bite away the isolating cover of electric cables, causing a lot of fires from short circuits and leakage, caused by eating through plastic water pipes. They thrive anywhere foodstuffs are produced or stored. Their sense of smell and hearing are very keen, but their sight is poor.
They are omnivorous, eating any edible stuff, although they prefer foods rich in starch and proteins. Rats build rather bulky nests, using any available material and thus destroying even buildings. Control of rats is very essential, because they may spread several diseases like salmonella and leptospirosis. In some rat populations the number of Leptospira carriers may be up to 50%; this Leptospira is found in their urine.
The new age RODEX Service is based on type of rodent species, extent of infestation & its spread. Treatment will be in a combination of Baiting, Trapping & Proofing methods application of Baits & Traps placed at strategic locations where rats are frequently moved


Wingless insects with a silvery sheen, has long antennae and sharp, rapid movement. It avoids light and it can climb only rough vertical surfaces and is found in damp, dark places, books, washbasins etc. It feed on material containing starch such as bindings in books, wallpaper glue and sometimes linen, cotton and artificial silk. Silverfish are a starch feeder they damage (eat) fabrics, glues and other organic materials. They may also damage silk and some synthetic fabrics, but they usually avoid woolens


All spiders belong to the class Arachnidan, have eight legs and two body sections. They are common house dwellers, they have distinct long – legged and webbing in corners and ceiling /wall joints. They often found in windows. They are common on shrubs and weeds around the house. They feed on other pest. The spider bite is painful and can produce an open, ulcerating sore. Most people have misconceptions about spiders: they are pictured to be poisonous (even deadly), and likely to attack at any time.


Lizards are the most abundant reptiles, feed on insects.they are excellent climber so they can enter any structural opening 14 inch or larger
Contamination of food which may cause death of animal & cause irritation by its appearance.
For Crawling Insects use of new generation insecticide, which is odorless, highly active, broad-spectrum with quick-knock down effect. This treatment apply to all affected area i.e. stores, lockers, toilets etc. The application will be directed to the harborages and surfaces frequented by pests. Spray to control the Crawling Insects.


Along with this we also provide Herbal pest control totally based on herbal medicines, Gel treatment for non smelly and non messy treatments.


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